Social Zones

A Social Communication and Self-Regulation Group

A collaboration between a speech pathologist and an occupational therapist 

About Social Zones

Social Zones is presented as a collaboration between a speech pathologist and an occupational therapist in order to engage children in a multi-disciplinary approach toward social integration. Social Zones Groups will combine parts of Zones of Regulation® Curriculum, Superflex® Curriculum, Social Thinking® Curriculum with sensory-motor activities and parent training for a unique approach to self-identification of regulation level, self-awareness of negative thought patterns, and some basic strategies for entering and sustaining social interaction. At the end of the 8 sessions, each child will have an individualized tool box of techniques and strategies for replacement behaviors, strategies and techniques. Additionally, parents will have an individualized toolbox of strategies to assist their child in self-management and social skills.

There is a growing number of children who exhibit difficulties engaging with peers due to a combination of deficits including: social communication, sensory integration and regulation and social interaction skills. There are intervention approaches that address these deficits independent of each other, but very few that address them collectively in one program. We have developed ‘Social Zones’, a social skills program to work on social communication and sensory regulation deficits in a peer group format.


There are several goals for the Social Zones Group. These goals include: using evidence-based intervention methodologies and strategies to create an opportunity to learn and practice social skills; create opportunities to learn and practice self-regulation skills; combine physical activity with communication and language techniques to increase social awareness and peer engagement, and improve sensory processing to allow for optimal social communication with peers.


The program will also incorporate parent teaching and training of the techniques for carryover of skills in the home, school and community. The long-term goal of creating Social Zones Groups is to increase each child’s social interaction, self-regulation and communication skills with peers and for generalization of these skills at home, school and community with parent and family support. 

Linda LaRue, 


Linda has 30 years experience evaluating and treating children with various speech, language, pragmatic, social communication and cognitive disorders, specializing in Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS).


Linda works with children of all ages, including providing early intervention services.

Susan M. Walker, 


Since 1996, I have been providing Occupational Therapy to clients of various ages. In the past 20 years, I have worked directly with children and their families in the school setting, private setting and clinic setting. I have extensive experience in Sensory Integrative  disorders. I am SIPT certified and experienced in creating sensory lifestyles to address individualized needs.

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